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Property Damage

Can you ask your insurance company to re-inspect your roof damage if they underpaid or denied you?

Yes, you are 100% entitled to a re-inspection if you disagree with the insurance company’s decision regarding how they handled your claim. 

Can you ask your insurance company to re-inspect your roof damage if they underpaid or denied you?

Everything you need to know about getting a re-inspection for your roof damage or property damage claim. 

If your roof damage is covered under your homeowner’s insurance policy and you believe the insurance company should re-inspect your property, you can dispute their decision and request a re-inspection. The insurance company can often miss or wrongfully note your damage, which can result in a denial or underpayment of your claim. Unfortunately, claim underpayments and denials occur often enough to be a serious problem for homeowners seeking a payout from their insurance company. 

What can you do if you are not happy with the insurance company’s offer? 

Requesting a re-inspection is an option, but you may be better off hiring a public adjuster to handle your claim. Triumph Consulting’s public adjusters are highly experienced and know how to aggressively and strategically fight insurance companies. Large insurance companies, like those commonly used by homeowners in Florida, have thousands of employees who work to keep the insurance company as profitable as possible. This means reducing payouts and denying as many claims as possible. You need a team who’s on your side, fighting for your payout to be as high as possible. 

If your insurance company already offered you a low payout or denied your claim, they may feel empowered over you. You need to work with a public adjuster who has experience fighting them and winning. Public adjusters help keep your claim moving in the right direction to get you paid as quickly and as much as possible. 

Choose Triumph Consulting, and let us fight the insurance company for you. 

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