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Can you dispute an insurance claim denial? 

Yes, but proving you have a valid claim to the insurance company after they have already denied your claim usually means you need to present new information or present what you have in a more organized, compelling manner. 

Can you dispute an insurance claim denial

Speaking with a licensed public claim adjuster can help you understand how valid and strong your claim is. 

Homeowners insurance exists to help relieve some of the financial burden of paying for expensive property damage repair costs; however, the payout experience is often not what homeowners expect. If your claim was denied and you believe the damage your property sustained is covered under your policy, then you have the right to file a dispute with your insurance company in an attempt to try and receive the compensation you are owed. 

Insurance companies employ highly trained teams with the goal of keeping the insurance company as profitable as possible. 

The insurance claim process is difficult and does not always go as planned – claim disputes can be even more complex. 

Before filing your claim with the insurance company, thoroughly read your policy and ensure your damage is covered. Filing an insurance claim can often feel like starting an argument with someone who refuses to listen to you. Insurance companies involve multiple parties when deciding whether or not they will provide you with a payout. This process can be lengthy and confusing. Prepare to speak with multiple people, submit and re-submit evidence, and deal with delays in communication. After going through all of this, if your claim is still denied, underpaid, or even delayed, it’s time to speak with an experienced public claims adjuster. 

You can hire a public adjuster at any point in the claim process. 

Public claim adjusters do not work for insurance companies; public adjusters work to help homeowners collect payouts on valid claims. If your home or property sustained any kind of damage and that damage is covered under your policy, then you have a valid claim regardless of what the insurance company tells you.  

When not to file a property damage claim.

If the estimate to repair your property damage is less than your deductible, filing a claim with your insurance company may not be a good idea, but if the estimate is more than your deductible, filing a claim may be your best option.

Speak with a Triumph Consulting Public Adjuster 

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