How To Identify Wind Damage to The Roof of Your Home

There is no denying that wind can cause serious damage to the roof of homes. If your home has been affected by winds of 45 mph or more, then it is best to examine the roofs for signs of damage. If you are able to identify any damages to the roof or need assistance, please contact a company like Triumph who can assist in getting settlements on wind damage claims Tampa.

Unfortunately, many homeowners don’t know how to inspect the roof of their home for wind damages. If you are among them, do not worry because we have listed some of the common signs, which indicate that wind has caused damage to the roofing system of your home.

Loss of Granules

High wind may result in the loss of shingles. If you want to know if you’ve lost any, then all you need to do is to examine the gutters for them. This is because the shingles usually end up collecting in the gutters.

Inspect The Edges of Your Roof

Strong winds can cause damage to not just the edges of the roof, but they may also damage other pressure points of the roof. When you are inspecting the edges and other points of the roof, you should look for curling shingles.

Shingles are an important part of the roof because they protect your home from interior damages.


If your roof has undergone damage after a strong wind, it is best to consult with Triumph Consultants who can help clients get wind damage claims Tampa.

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