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Hurricane Idalia / Hurricane property damage claims / Idalia

Hurricane Idalia is expected to hit Florida as a major storm 

Preparing for Hurricane Idalia

The National Hurricane Center (NHC) classifies any hurricane between category 3-5 as a major storm. 

On their website, the NHC states that with a category 3 hurricane, “devasting damage will occur.”  

Hurricane Idalia poses a major threat to human life and property in Florida and is expected to bring the following conditions to parts of Florida by Wednesday if it makes landfall as a category 3 hurricane:

  • 111-129 mph sustained winds  
  • 129 mph+ wind gusts
  • 8-12 feet of storm surge 
  • 12 or more inches of rainfall 
  • Possible freshwater flooding due to heavy rainfall
  • Tornadoes are possible with any hurricane 

Remember to listen to local authorities and make sure you are properly prepared. 

Property damage is expected to greatly surpass a billion. 

What does this mean? Devasting damage is expected with Hurricane Idalia. Category 3 hurricanes can result in severe roof damage. After a roof is severely damaged, the home’s integrity is greatly affected, which can result in the property being unsafe for occupancy. Trees are expected to be uprooted and branches snapped. Flying debris can damage windows and other parts of your home. 

You want to make sure to be in a safe and secure location during the storm. As of the morning of August 29, 2023, there are 21 Florida counties with an evacuation order, and 46 counties are within a state of emergency. 

Hurricane Idalia is expected to bring life-threatening storm surge.

When Hurricane Ian slammed into Florida in 2022, its storm surge was one of the reasons it resulted in so many casualties and properties being absolutely devasted. 

Hurricane Idalia is expected to strike Florida as a major storm and bring with it storm surge as high as 12 feet or more. Around the time of Idalia’s arrival is a supermoon, meaning tides are already expected to be high. Unfortunately, this can amplify the storm surge associated with Idalia. 

Take time now to properly prepare for Hurricane Idalia. Preparation is key. 

Follow hurricane guidelines for preparing for a storm.  

Additionally, take time to prepare for a damage claim. By taking one simple action now, you can help ensure you have a strong claim in the event your home or business is damaged. 

Safely take pictures of your roof and property. Roof damage is common with powerful hurricanes. If you are able to show pictures of your roof before Idalia arrives, it can significantly improve your odds of getting a claim approval. If your roof does sustain damage, you’ll be able to compare the before and after images. This alone can help push a claim approval. 

Immense property damage and life-threatening conditions are expected with Hurricane Idalia. 

Stay safe and listen to local authorities. 

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