Things You Should Know About Sink Holes Claims

Are you aware of the sinkhole activity that may be taking place beneath your neighborhood? People living in Florida have experience with sinkhole activity that damages their home. These activities cause cracks in the staircases and walls. Not only that, but they also cause massive damage to the property.

All the insurance companies in Florida, providing property insurance are instructed to cover the damages caused by sinkhole activities. When property owners file sinkhole claims in Fort Lauderdale, these companies deny the claims. To justify the rejection of the claim, they state that damage to the property occurred due to the owner’s fault and not due to sinkhole activity. In certain scenarios, when the companies accept the claims, they offer an unjust settlement to the property owner.

Sinkhole activities have been a constant source of problems for Florida homeowners. Insurance companies have always tried to escape the liability of covering damages. The damage caused by the sinkhole is difficult to repair. Sinkhole activities may not only cause massive damages to the properties and infrastructures, but they may also lead to contamination of groundwater. Due to insurance companies’ reluctance in covering the damages caused by these activities, homeowners and property owners suffer immensely. These repairs require lot of money too. Not every homeowner or property owner can manage to invest so much money without the insurance company’s backing.

Sinkhole activities can take place in innumerable ways. However, three of the most commonly occurring sinkhole activities are:

  • Solution sinkholes
  • Cover subsidence sinkholes
  • Cover collapse sinkholes

It is possible to repair the damages caused by sinkhole activities. However, the financial expenditure may vary as it will depend on the type of sinkhole activity and the extent of the damage caused.

Sinkhole activities may be causing damage to your home or property. So, what should you do? You should file sinkhole claims in Fort Lauderdale. However, if insurance companies refuse to cover the damages, worry not. We, at Triumph Consulting, are there to assist you in every possible manner. Our experienced adjusters will conduct proper tests to assess whether property damage occurred due to the sinkhole and advice you accordingly. Call us now to get a fair settlement!

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