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Fort Lauderdale Storm / Storm Damage Claims

El Niño is Fueling Winter Storms that are Impacting Florida 

The recent El Niño winter storm that swept through Florida over the weekend, with December 16 being the day the storm hit Florida the hardest, appears to be a sample of what El Nino will bring to the Southeast this winter season.  

El Niño is Fueling Winter Storms that are Impacting Florida

Why were so many people caught off guard by this winter storm?

When you think of a winter storm, Florida is not usually the first state that comes to mind. El Nino, which occurs every 3-5 years and lasts about 9-12 months, was the driving force behind this storm, and it will likely be the cause of several other winter storms which may impact Florida in the months to come. 

El Niño is known for bringing more frequent storms to the Southeast.

This recent tropical-strength storm had widespread effects throughout Florida, including heavy rain, power outages, and reports of property damage are still coming in – including damaged seawalls in coastal regions. 

Originating from Florida’s west coast, areas like Tampa Bay and St. Petersburg experienced heavier impacts than other cities. However, the storm’s impacts were felt throughout the state. Fort Lauderdale is on Florida’s East Coast, and the conditions there looked awful, with many residents stating they felt as if hurricane season was still going strong. 

Fort Lauderdale’s “The Seminole Hard Rock Winterfest Boat Parade” was canceled due to the strength of this storm, making it the first time in the parade’s 52-year history that it was canceled as a result of severe weather.

Key concerns with this winter storm included:

  • Coastal damage from storm surge, high surf, and beach erosion.
  • Wind advisories with gusts around 60 mph, potentially causing power outages.
  • Heavy rain which may lead to localized flooding.

Do you have storm-related property damage?

If your home was damaged during one of these powerful winter storms, you’re not alone. Work with a public adjuster who knows how to get you paid! Our team will aggressively fight for your claim.  

Damage we’re seeing includes:

  • Damaged seawalls due to high surf and storm surges
  • Roof damage from powerful wind gusts
  • Water damage from heavy rainfall making its way into homes

In the aftermath of a powerful storm, homeowners can often face challenges in the claims process and get pushback from their insurance company. This is where a Triumph Consulting Public Adjuster can help.  

Our team can step in at any point in the insurance claims process to help with the following:

  • Assess the true extent of your property damage to help ensure the repair or replacement quote you receive is accurate.
  • Help homeowners understand their homeowner’s insurance policies.
  • Fight the insurance company on your behalf to push for a higher payout to help you get more for your claim. 

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