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Filing a roof damage claim with your homeowner’s insurance company?

Filing a roof damage claim with your homeowner's insurance company?

7 Steps to file a roof damage claim

You can hire a public adjuster to handle your roof damage claim at any point in the claim process. Public adjusters work for the public – not the insurance companies. Public adjusters help homeowners collect more money from insurance companies than the homeowner could have normally received on their own. 

Your roof must be intact for your home to remain safe and habitable. If your roof was damaged in a storm or because of falling debris, you may have a valid claim you can file with your homeowner’s insurance company. 

As licensed and highly experienced roof damage claim adjusters, we created this short guide on filing a roof damage claim to help homeowners navigate the complex environment surrounding residential damage claims. 

Step 1: Prevent further damage from occurring 

If the integrity of your roof was compromised in any way, your home may not be safe. After ensuring your safety, you need to take reasonable measures to prevent further damage from occurring. This may mean placing a tarp to prevent water from entering your home, or it may require you to speak with a trusted roofer to make quick, temporary repairs while your claim is being handled. Either way, insurance companies often require homeowners to react in a timely manner to protect the home from further damage. 

Step 2: Read your policy

Being informed and having general awareness of what you are entitled to is powerful. Knowing what an acceptable course of action from the insurance company is and what is not acceptable determines the route you take when communicating with the insurance company regarding your roof damage claim. Knowledge is power, and having the ability to tell the insurance company with 100% certainty they are wrong makes you a formidable force.

Step 3: Strengthen your claim with strong evidence 

Insurance companies want you to investigate the cause of your roof damage and prove it to them. This burden can often lead to claims being denied. Showing the insurance company an image or video of your roof before the damage occurred and then footage of the damage your roof sustained is an example of overwhelming evidence supporting your damage claim’s validity.

Great public adjusters excel at this step. 

Step 4: Call your insurance company to file your claim. 

Now it’s time to call your insurance company and inform them of the damage your roof sustained. They will ask you a series of questions to understand your claim. At this point, you can tell them you have images and/or videos of the damage. If you have images or videos before the roof damage occurred, send them that footage as well.

Step 5: Your insurance company will send an insurance adjuster to inspect your roof damage. 

Keep in mind, anything you tell this individual can be used against you because they 100% work for the insurance company and not for you. Insurance adjusters are hired by the insurance company, and many times they are instructed to try and get the claim payout reduced or eliminated if possible. When the insurance adjuster arrives at your property, only say what is essential and guide them through your home so they can inspect the damage for themselves. 

Step 6: Create a claim journal and use it throughout the entire process 

Claim journaling is the act of keeping a detailed account of every interaction with the insurance company. This means noting dates, what was said, who said it, and note anything relevant to your claim. Doing this helps put you in charge in the event your claim is underpaid or denied. A great public adjuster will see your notes and take action from there. 

Step 7: Accept or fight 

By this point in the claim process, the insurance company has already inspected your property and should present you with an offer or denial letter. If the offer seems fair and it will actually cover your roof replacement costs, accepting it may be a good idea. However, if their offer or denial is unjust – fighting their decision may be the only course of action that leads to you getting a proper payout for your claim. Public adjusters can take that denial letter and aggressively fight the insurance company to get you compensated for your roof damage costs. 

When is it ok to hire a public adjuster for your roof damage claim? 

You can hire a public adjuster at any time during your claim process. At Triumph Consulting, our team of licensed and highly experienced public adjusters fight to help homeowners collect more. Leave it in our hands. We are here to take on the burden the insurance company places on your shoulders.  

Contact us if you are ready to experience how Triumph Consulting’s public adjusters handle damage claims. Schedule your complimentary claim review today. 

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