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Hail roof damage / Property Damage

Hail property damage claims from an Orlando Public Adjuster 

Broken roof tiles after hail storm

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Hail damage is actually very common in Florida – especially in Orlando and other parts of Central Florida. During our hail season, which lasts from March to July, getting caught in a hail storm can become a frequent occurrence. After a hail storm, it’s common to find damage across your property, including on your roof, siding, landscaping, and outdoor spaces like terraces and backyard screening. As a homeowner, it’s important to take action to properly file a claim as fast as possible.  

Seeking help from a licensed public adjuster can help expedite the process, and you can even collect a higher payout! 

Hail property damage claims from an Orlando Public Adjuster

Property damage caused by hail storms 

Hail ranges in size, and these storms vary greatly in their intensity. However, an average hail storm can still cause vast amounts of damage to homes and businesses.

  1. Roof Damage: During a hailstorm, hail constantly slams into the roofs of houses and businesses. The damage caused by these impacts is worsened when the hail stones are large. Cracked and broken roof tiles can occur. Even shingles can be loosened, cracked, or dented when hail continuously strikes the roof.  
  2. Water Damage: Whenever the roof, windows, or siding of a home is damaged, the integrity and waterproofing of the property is compromised. This can lead to water intrusion, which can result in mold growth. 
  3. Siding Damage: Hail leaves behind dents, cracks, and punctures in the siding material of a home. The damage severity varies depending on the intensity of the storm, but this type of damage needs to be addressed quickly as it can lead to water intrusion. 
  4. Window Damage: Hail can shatter or crack windows, resulting in the property needing emergency repairs to prevent further damage from occurring.
  5. Landscaping Damage: As hail falls, it can destroy plants, planters, and other landscaping features on the property. 
  6. Damaged Outdoor Spaces: Screened-in pools, aluminum roofs, decorative fencing, patio furniture, and other outdoor spaces in the property can all be damaged during a hailstorm. 

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When a hailstorm strikes a property, the aftermath can be filled with costly repairs and a back-and-forth battle with the insurance company. Hail damage reduces the value of your property, and the integrity of the property is also disrupted.  

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