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Help with your Managed Repair Program Claim

Help with your Managed Repair Program Claim

How a public adjuster can help you with your claim, even if it’s through Citizen’s Managed Repair Program. 

Using a public adjuster for your Managed Repair Program Claim is an excellent idea to help ensure your interests remain top of mind. Your public adjuster works for you – not the insurance company. 

Here are a few ways a public adjuster can help with your managed repair claim:

Negotiate with your insurance company.

If the insurance company inaccurately estimates the damage your property sustained, then getting it repaired properly will be difficult.  

The estimate the insurance company creates reflects the work they state needs to be done.  If the estimate is lacking items that need to be fixed, then the repair performed will be lacking those items as well.  This can result in extensive out of pocket costs for you.  

Having a public adjuster thoroughly inspect your property as soon as possible can help identify damage the insurance company initially missed.  We stand by you and fight the insurance company with the goal of getting you properly paid for your damage.

Thoroughly inspect your property and find damage that may be hidden. 

A public adjuster’s job is to advocate for you (the homeowner) and help aid in the process of restoring your home to its pre-loss state. With advanced technology and the willingness to actually find all the damage your property sustained, a public adjuster typically advocates for a homeowner more than the adjusters who work for the insurance company. 

What is the managed repair program? 

A managed repair program offered by Citizens was created to help alleviate costs and certain hurdles a homeowner goes through after incurring damage covered by their insurance policy. 

Under the managed repair program, the claimant’s insurance company will be involved in the repair process – unlike a traditional claim. This program was designed to offer convenience and a speedy repair process for the homeowner – as long as certain conditions are met. 

If your claim is being handled through the managed repair program, then the involvement you can have as the property owner is limited. 

The experience and ability to help push for a fair outcome – That’s the Triumph Consulting Advantage. 

Dealing with a property damage claim is not on a homeowner’s list of fun things to do. Damage claims cause stress, and if they are not handled correctly, they can cause a multitude of problems. 

Every public adjuster in Triumph Consulting is experienced in handling damage claims from start to finish while keeping your goals and financial interests in mind the entire time. 

You deserve to have someone fighting alongside you to help push the claim and repair process in your favor. A Triumph Consulting public adjuster will fight the entire time for you so you can have peace of mind knowing you are being taken care of. 

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