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Hurricane property damage claims

How long do I have to file a damage claim with my insurance company after a hurricane in Florida?

You have one year to file a claim with your insurance company after a hurricane damages your property in Florida. 

It’s crucial not to delay filing an insurance claim for any hurricane damage your property sustained. 

Submit your claim as early as possible to safeguard yourself against any unfair practices by insurance companies. 

A public adjuster can manage your damage claim to help keep the process flowing in a good direction. 

How long do I have to file a damage claim with my insurance company after a hurricane in Florida?

Why you should immediately hire a public adjuster following a hurricane.

You want to get your home inspected for damage following a hurricane, so if damage is present you can file your claim on time.

A lot of homeowners often think filing a little late is ok. Missing the window to file your claim is a big deal and it will likely result in your claim being denied.

One year is not a long time to file a claim.  It can take months or more for some types of damage to be visible.  Property damage is not always noticeable without the use of specialized equipment.  A public adjuster – especially one from Triumph Consulting – will conduct a thorough investigation of your property and report any damage that is found.  

Getting your home inspected will help you maximize the year you have to file, ensuring your claim is filed correctly and on time. 

Tactics insurance companies use against homeowners.

Insurance companies rather deal directly with a homeowner than with a public adjuster. Homeowners are easier for trained insurance company representatives to speak to because homeowners are not typically experienced in navigating around the insurance company’s tactics. 

When the insurance company has to deal with an experienced public adjuster, it’s a whole different matter. 

Experienced Florida Public Adjusters shield homeowners from unfair tactics used to deny or delay hurricane damage claims.

Here are some tactics we fight against to help homeowners with their damage claims:

Unjust claim denial – homeowners who receive a claim denial letter are often left wondering why their claim was denied.  Denial letters can often be sent by insurance companies to homeowners with little to no clear explanation as to why the claim was denied.  At Triumph Consulting, we know how to fight against this tactic, and using our specialized equipment and software, we’re able to uncover strong and compelling evidence to support your claim and have it reopened.

Inaccurate damage estimate – When your claim process starts, your insurance company will assign one of their insurance adjusters to the claim. The insurance adjuster works for the insurance company, and they will go to your property to observe the damage and report their findings.  After a hurricane, insurance adjusters are assigned to dozens or more claims and can often be left with little time to complete their inspections, which can result in damage being missed.  If your damage estimate is created and is missing items, then if the insurance company does pay for your claim, the payment will be lower than the actual repair cost, which may result in you having to go out of pocket for the difference. A public adjuster works for you, and they will conduct a thorough inspection to uncover visible and hidden damage and include their findings in their report. The repair estimate total in the report is the number to fight for from the insurance company. 

Delaying your claim process – There are several ways insurance companies can delay your claim process. An experienced public adjuster knows when delays are being done in a purposeful manner and will change their approach to combat this tactic.

Helping you avoid a lowball offer – Homeowners can feel pressured by the insurance company to accept the first offer that comes their way – even if that offer just covers a portion of the repair cost.  The homeowner may feel something is better than nothing.  The fact is, you have homeowners insurance to cover valid claims that fall within the realm of a covered event.  If your claim is valid, then you deserve to have it fully paid to you. That’s where a public adjuster comes in. After conducting an inspection, your public adjuster will create a repair estimate that will contain a total repair cost estimate. That’s the number your public adjuster will be fighting for when they speak to your insurance company. Anything less than that amount is a lowball offer. 

A public Adjuster will fight for your hurricane damage claim. 

Securing the services of an experienced hurricane public adjuster means having a professional whose loyalty lies with you and the success of your claim. 

There are no upfront fees or costs. Your public adjuster gets paid if you get paid. 

Need help with a claim? Contact our team today. 

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