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Hurricane property damage claims

How your cell phone can save you thousands this hurricane season.

Every hurricane season, homeowners have the power in their hands to take undeniable evidence to back up any claim they submit, should their home sustain any damage.  Yet, most homeowners are not aware of this easy action. 

How your cell phone can save you thousands this hurricane season.

Use your cell phone to take pictures and videos of your home before a hurricane strikes. 

After a hurricane damages your property, you cannot rewind time to get pictures or videos. You need to take action before a hurricane passes over your home to get as many pictures and videos as possible.  The insurance company does not typically provide their pictures, so you need to take your own for your records.  Getting started is as easy as taking out your cell phone and taking a picture. 

You need evidence to back up your claim.  The insurance company has the duty to honor your valid claim, but they will not make it easy on you.  They place the burden of proving how the damage was caused that you’re claiming on your shoulders. Footage of your home before the hurricane caused damage is undeniable evidence that will make it difficult for them to deny your claim. 

Looking for roof damage

Focus on your roof since most hurricanes cause massive amounts of roof damage.

Roof damage is the number one type of damage reported by homeowners following a hurricane.  Roof replacements can get expensive quickly – especially if you have a tile roof. 

Pictures or videos of your roof should be submitted with your claim to strengthen it. 

Roof damage is the most common damage after a hurricane

You should not stand or walk on your roof. 

The best way to get photos and videos of your roof is to contact Triumph Consulting’s team of public adjusters for any roof-related inquiries.

It’s not safe or advisable for a homeowner to get on their roof for several reasons – safety being a big one! Another reason is getting on your roof can result in damage that your insurance policy may not cover.

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