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As one of the most powerful hurricanes to slam into Florida, Hurricane Ian left nothing but devastation in its wake. President Biden signed a Disaster Declaration on the morning of September 29, 2022, due to the catastrophic damage Ian caused in the State of Florida.

Homeowners across the state are left with damaged properties, and many are forced to seek shelter elsewhere until their homes are safe to reside in again.

What type of hurricane damage is generally covered under a Florida homeowner’s insurance policy?

Policies vary greatly, but the following list includes damage we typically see insurance companies cover.

  • Roof damage, including damaged tiles
  • Damaged or broken windows and doors
  • Water damage
  • Mold
  • Damage to exterior components like fences, pools, pool houses, etc.
  • Interior damage like walls, ceiling, furniture, etc.
  • Wind damage
  • Damage to the structure of the home
  • Flooding damage


Hurricane Ian property damage claims.

If your home was damaged, the team at Triumph Consulting wants to help you start your claim the right way. We can also help you at any point in the property damage claim process, even if the insurance company denied or underpaid you.

Did Hurricane Ian damage your home? Here’s everything you need to know as a homeowner.

Insurance companies do what is best for them, so you need to do what is best for you. You are entitled to compensation for your property damage.

The truth is every homeowner with a policy in good standing should receive compensation for damages to their property as long as that damage is covered under their policy. In reality, what we tend to see is when a massive catastrophic event occurs, like Hurricane Ian, the insurance companies tend to hide behind exclusions in the policies they wrote. They try to purposely push the cause of your covered damage into an exclusion pile to either underpay you or deny your perfectly valid claim.

Speaking with an experienced expert can make all the difference. At Triumph Consulting, we know how to expertly prepare, present, and negotiate claims on your behalf.

Hurricane Ian left catastrophic damage in its wake. Now homeowners are left at the mercy of their insurance company.

With sustained winds as high as 150MPH, Hurricane Ian was a powerful storm. It swept through parts of Florida, destroying what it could. It will be days before the true extent of the damage caused can be determined. Lee County in Florida received the worst of the storm, according to the FEMA Chief.

Catastrophic flooding occurred, and cities like Naples and Fort Myers were heavily affected by storm surge. Water covered cars and flooded the first floor of many structures. Millions lost electricity in at least 20 counties in Florida.

Hurricane Ian has gone down in history as one of Florida’s most powerful hurricanes.

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