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Hurricane Idalia / Hurricane property damage claims

Hurricane Idalia Property Damage Claims 

Hurricane Damage

Hurricane Idalia made landfall near Keaton Beach in Florida’s Big Bend area on August 30, 2023. Idalia brought record-breaking storm surge to the area – along with powerful winds and heavy rain. 

Get your property inspected as quickly as possible.

You may only have one year to file a claim

Changes in Florida’s legislature reduced your window to file an on-time claim for hurricane damage. You used to have two years to file, but now the window has been reduced to a single year. 

Getting your home inspected early on can help identify any damage your property may have from Idalia and give you enough time to have a claim filed for the damages with your insurance company. Otherwise, you risk a claim denial for a late claim submission. 

If Hurricane Idalia damaged your home, do not wait to get an inspection. A property damage claim adjuster can help you. Triumph Consulting has earned a reputation for delivering payouts even after the insurance company denied your claim or issued an underpayment. 

How devasting was Hurricane Idalia? 

It’s still early to have a final number on how much damage Idalia caused, but UBS Bank estimates that the damage may be around $9.36 billion.

Hurricane Idalia struck a highly rural area in Florida. This area is full of homes, and in just Pasco County, it appears 4,000 – 6,000 homes were flooded. 

Idalia hit Florida as a very powerful Category 3 hurricane. Winds were sustained at 125 mph, gusts were much higher, there were multiple reports of tornadic activity, heavy rainfall occurred, and storm surge hit record highs in the Big Bed Area. Storm surge caused flooding as far south as Tampa. 

You may only have one year to file your claim. Working with a public adjuster is key. 

Damage is not always visible to the naked eye. Specialized equipment exists to pinpoint the exact location where damage may be present. Triumph Consulting utilizes sophisticated tools to uncover damage that’s hidden in your home. 

Our goal is to get you paid the highest possible payout as fast as possible. 

We want to help you move forward from your damage. To meet that goal, we deploy various tactics that insurance companies hate to help keep your claim moving in the right direction. At Triumph Consulting, our public adjusters work for you, and we do not get paid unless you get paid. 

Get a free claim review today from a Triumph Consulting Public Adjuster.

Our team is available to help you. Our customers love us; the insurance companies hate us.  

We’ve been closing claims since 2007, and in that time, we’ve helped thousands of clients with their property damage. We’ve collected millions for our clients because we know what we’re doing. Fighting against insurance companies and actually knowing how to win takes experience, industry knowledge, and you need to have the right team and processes in place. Triumph Consulting has earned a 5-star reputation on Google because we know how to deliver results.  

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