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Hurricane Ian / Storm Damage Claims

Is it too late to file a Hurricane Ian claim in Florida?

Is it too late to file a Hurricane Ian claim in Florida_

The last day to file a Hurricane Ian property damage claim is September 28, 2024.  

 Hurricane Ian made landfall in Florida prior to Florida’s change in insurance laws that passed in late 2022. This means the original two-year window to file for a hurricane damage claim still applies to Hurricane Ian.


Open your Hurricane Ian Claim today with Triumph Consulting. 

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Not sure if your home was damaged by Hurricane Ian? 


If you’re unsure whether or not you have damage from Hurricane Ian, getting a comprehensive home inspection from Triumph Consulting is fast and highly effective. If damage is present, we’ll find it! 


Did you recently get a roof leak? If your answer is “yes” and Hurricane Ian passed over your property, then you may have a Hurricane Ian damage claim. Wind uplift damage is commonly seen on roofs after a powerful storm; however, it’s difficult to see and even more difficult to properly identify without specialized equipment. 

Triumph Consulting deploys specialized tools on every inspection to uncover damage the insurance company’s adjusters often miss. 


All our inspections are comprehensive and in-depth. When we go out to your property to inspect it, we are confident in what we report. If we do not find any damage then we can confidently report your home does not contain any damage. When we do find damage, we follow it and uncover how extensive and intrusive the damage is.  


By thoroughly inspecting your property, we’re able to discover the full extent of your damage and ensure your damage claim is accurately filed to help you collect the highest possible payout so you can repair or restore your home to its pre-loss condition without incurring massive out-of-pocket surprises later in the repair process. 

If you believe you have damage and it may be linked to Hurricane Ian, contact a public adjuster from Triumph Consulting today to help ensure you file on time. 


Since the date to file any Ian property damage claims ends on September 28, 2024, getting notice to your insurance company as soon as possible is critical. 


Our team will help you and fight for you to receive the highest possible payout. Contact us today and discover why homeowners all over Florida love us. 


A free claim review is the first step. Call 954-669-4935 or go to to get started.

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