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Is MRP a bad program?

Not necessarily. The alternative is getting stuck with only $10,000 for your property damage repair, and $10,000 can only go so far when your home is damaged. 

If you have MRP and decide to go with the $10,000 payout, then you may be stuck with only that amount – even if you find out your repair costs far exceed $10,000.  

If your insurance company’s initial estimate was inaccurate and you chose to take the $10,000 payout, you may still be stuck having to cover the gap between what you were paid and the actual repair costs.

Is MRP a bad program?

The managed repair program does work when you are in control. 

Taking the $10,000 or opting for the managed repair program is not much of a decision – especially when the damage estimate far exceeds $10,000.

The point of the Managed repair program is to give the insurance company as much control over the entire claim process as possible.

So you should control everything in your reach.

Definitely get your own estimate from a public adjuster who will perform a comprehensive inspection. This will help you understand the full scope of your property damage so there are no surprises later on.

What are the cons of the managed repair program? 

As with any claim, the insurance company generally behaves in a manner so they come out on top. This is why working with your own public adjuster is critical to ensure you receive the highest possible payout for your property damage and make informed decisions every step of the way. 

  • Public adjusters work for you!
  • Insurance adjusters work for your insurance company. 

Issues we typically see with managed repair program claims are:

  • Inaccurate initial damage repair estimates: The insurance adjuster who goes to inspect your property damage was hired by your insurance company – this means their loyalty is not to you. The insurance company wants to avoid paying claims when possible; this is how they maintain their profits high. The insurance adjuster usually avoids doing a comprehensive inspection, which means they can miss damage that’s present and will appear later.
  • Limited repair vendor options and quality control issues:  When opting for the managed repair program, you are forced to work with a shortlist of approved vendors only. This means you cannot choose the exact company you want to perform the repairs. So, if you did research online and read the Google reviews of local vendors, you may have to look again based on the list provided to you.
  • Incomplete repairs:  Since inaccurate estimates occur more often than they should when a repair is performed, the repair is completed according to the original estimate. If additional damage is found outside of the estimate the insurance adjuster created, you may be placed in a situation where those additional costs would come out of your pocket.
  • Lengthy repairs:  Managed repair program claims can take some time to complete – especially if you are dealing with the consequences of an inaccurate initial estimate. 

If you are dealing with an MRP claim and want a public adjuster to help, Triumph Consulting will fight for you. 

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