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Hurricane property damage claims

NOAA predicts 7 major hurricanes and up to 25 named storms could hit the Atlantic Region

NOAA has released its prediction for the 2024 Hurricane Season starting on June 1, 2024, and this is the most aggressive hurricane season forecast on record!

How to prepare for Hurricane Season 2024

What are the predictions for this hurricane season?

Models suggest there could be as many as 25 named storms, out of which 8-13 of those could become hurricanes, and 4-7 of these hurricanes could become major storms with wind speeds of 115 mph+.

Overall, there’s an 85% chance 2024’s hurricane season will be above average according to NOAA’s latest forecast.

A weakening El Niño is bringing in a strengthening La Niña climate pattern. When El Niño is strong it results in a more hostile environment in the Atlantic for hurricanes to form because of the wind shear associated with El Niño. With this climate pattern now giving way to La Niña, the Atlantic seems to be gearing up for a more welcoming environment that’s better suited for developing tropical systems. 

The Atlantic Ocean is still very warm, this record warmth serves as fuel for hurricanes. Now, with La Niña taking over, the chances of an aggressive hurricane season seem to be very likely.

How to prepare for Hurricane Season?  

Waiting until a Hurricane Watch or Warning has been issued to prepare is not recommended. Preparation does not have to be overly complicated, but it does have to be timely. 

How to prepare for hurricane season depends on your unique situation and what matters most for you, your loved ones, and any property you may have.

General preparation for any hurricane season includes the following:

  • Know if you are in a flood or evacuation zone and plan an evacuation route.  Sharing this route with anyone in your home or printing it and leaving it in a visible area like your refrigerator can help increase awareness in your home. 
  • Know what’s in your homeowner’s insurance policy.  Reviewing and understanding your insurance policy can save you time and money in the long-run. If you need to make changes to your policy, the time to do so is now.  
  • Take pictures of your home – especially your roof. Most property damage from a hurricane is roof damage. This is where you can expect some resistance from the insurance company, especially if you have a tile roof. Taking a picture of your roof before a hurricane strikes creates powerful evidence to back up your claim, should you have one. 
  • Stock up on medical supplies.  If you or anyone in your home is dependent on medicine, make sure you have enough to get through a crisis if a major hurricane were to strike your area. 
  • Have emergency supplies on hand. Emergency supplies are not just limited to water and food. Yes, you should have a 14-day supply of water per person and enough food for everyone in your home. Additionally, you should have supplies in the event you have to perform emergency home repairs. These repair supplies can include tarps, plastic sheeting, plywood, and a tool kit. 
  • Protect your home. This step varies on a case-by-case basis but focuses on securing anything that can become a projectile and reinforcing windows, doors, and other openings. Trimming branches, removing flower pots before a hurricane arrives, replacing rock landscaping, and installing shutters or plywood panels all help. 

The Atlantic Ocean is warmer than average and La Niña is stepping in. Both of these help in the development of tropical systems and they are both present now. 

Predicting with certainty that a hurricane season will be aggressive is never 100% accurate. This makes many Floridians take Hurricane Season for granted. We have seen too many situations where homeowners sustain injuries and massive property damage to take hurricane season lightly.  

Take care this season and prepare. 

Keep yourselves and your property protected. 

If you would like to speak with a public adjuster in the event your home does sustain hurricane damage, then the team at Triumph Consulting is here for you.

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