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Water damage claims

Questions about water damage claims from homeowners

Here are some questions our public adjusters often get from homeowners regarding water damage coverage. 

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Does my homeowner’s insurance cover damage from a burst pipe?

Homeowner’s insurance generally covers damage caused by a burst pipe. This coverage typically applies if the incident is deemed sudden and accidental, with the damage occurring outside your control. If the damage is considered to be a result of negligence, your claim may be denied.

What is water intrusion? 

Water intrusion refers to the unwelcome entry of water or moisture into parts of your home, potentially leading to damage. For instance, a roof leak represents water intrusion as it allows water to enter your home and may cause damage.

Does my homeowner’s insurance cover damage from a garbage disposal leak?

Leaks from garbage disposals can affect multiple areas of your home, including floors, walls, and cabinets, and can often remain undetected until visible damage appears. Many insurance policies provide coverage for water damage resulting from a garbage disposal leak if it’s deemed a covered event and not a result of negligence. 

Does homeowners insurance cover damage from a shower pan leak

Damage from a shower pan leak may not be immediately evident, especially if the shower is on an upper floor and the first sign is ceiling damage below. Homeowner’s insurance usually covers the repair costs for hidden water damage, although claims can be denied if the damage is a result of neglect.

Is mold considered water damage? 

It’s true that water and moisture are needed for mold to grow, but mold is generally treated as a separate issue within your homeowner’s insurance policy. Coverage for mold varies per policy, but $10,000 in coverage or more is something we frequently see. Under certain circumstances, your mold claim may be considered a water claim and coverage for water damage can be higher than coverage for mold, which may result in a higher payout for your claim. 

My house was flooded in a hurricane. Will my homeowner’s insurance cover the damage? 

Standard homeowners insurance does not cover flood damage, including flooding that was caused by a hurricane. To protect against flood damage, a separate flood insurance policy is required. Our team of public adjusters will help determine if you have a valid claim. 

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