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FLash floods / Flood Damage / Fort Lauderdale Storm

Residential flooding risk elevated as heavy rain in South Florida continues prompting State of Emergency.

The National Weather Service reported that Flash flooding is expected to occur in South Florida due to a relentless string of storms. 

The Governor of Florida declared a State of Emergency, prompting the need for emergency aid throughout the state. 

“We’ve already seen plenty of flooding, and this year looks like a repeat of the last one” ~ said one Fort Lauderdale Resident. This comment refers back to the April Flood of 2023 that affected Fort Lauderdale and other South Florida cities.

7 million people on June 13, 2024, were under a flood watch or warning.

Days of rainfall are expected to continue hammering South Florida as a powerful string of storms is still on a direct path to continue soaking the area.

flooded house damage claim
Fort Lauderdale damaged house after flood
flooded street with high water and truck

Just 1 inch of water can cause $25,000 in damage, according to

Residential flooding is already occurring in South Florida, and more flooding is possible. 

Images are circulating showing cars submerged, water entering homes, and South Florida residents walking in knee-high water. 

20 inches of rainfall fell in a 2-day timeframe.

Floods have the potential to cause catastrophic amounts of damage to your home, personal belongings, and your health.

Common types of damage associated with floods include:

  • Flooring damage 
  • Appliance damage
  • Electrical damage
  • Mold and mildew
  • Damage to septic systems 
flooded street with high water and truck
Car stranded in floord waters in Fort Lauderdale flood on SE 3rd Avenue

Can a Florida public adjuster help me with a flood damage claim? 

A public adjuster can help you in several ways with your flood damage claim as long as you have flood insurance. 

Most homeowners believe their homeowners insurance policy provides them with all the coverage and protection they need. However, most homeowners insurance policies do not provide coverage for flood damage. They do provide water damage coverage, but water damage is not flood damage, which tends to be part of the reason for the confusion.

If you have flood insurance and want to be compensated by your insurance company, working with a public adjuster can help your claim process move faster. Your public adjuster will deal with the insurance company on your behalf, fighting to deliver the highest possible payout while avoiding common tactics insurance companies use to delay or underpay homeowners for valid damage claims. 

If your home or business was flooded and you want help with your flood damage claim, contact Triumph Consulting today. 

More than 20 inches of rainfall has already fallen, and days of rain are forecasted to come.

The friendly team of public adjusters at Triumph Consulting is ready to fight for you. 

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