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Tornado Property Damage Claims

Tornado Property Damage Claims

In 2021 tornadoes caused over $229 million in damages resulting in damaged homes and businesses while displacing thousands. Tornadoes are destructive forces of nature that damage any volatile properties in their path.  

Florida is no stranger to extreme weather. Tornadoes are a relatively common occurrence in Florida. 

Fox Weather compiled an article about tornado frequency in the United States, and Florida made it in the Top 5 list with an average of 60 tornadoes in the state each year. 

Tornado damage insurance claims can be challenging.

Damage from tornadoes is usually very significant, with anything from damaged roofs to collapsed sections of a home or building being possible. 

When Hurricane Ian swept through Florida in 2021, it spawned extremely powerful tornadoes that left few unaffected properties in its path. There are entire neighborhoods with extreme roof damage from tornadoes spawned by Ian. 

Types of property damage associated with a tornado 

Tornadoes can wreak havoc on residential and commercial properties, causing massive damage and displacing residents and employees. 

  1. Structural Damage
  2. Damaged windows and doors
  3. Roof damage
  4. Wind uplift damage
  5. Water intrusion 
  6. Loss of personal property 
  7. Damage from flying debris
  8. Damage to the foundation of the home or property
  9. Missing or loosened roof shingles or tiles
  10. Mold from water that slowly penetrates into the home or building after the property sustains damage 

Tornado Property Damage Public Adjusters

If your home or business sustained tornado damage, filing a claim as soon as possible is critical. Submitting the claim with enough evidence and documentation is also just as important. That’s where Triumph Consulting can help. Our team of public adjusters knows how to get homeowners paid. That’s why insurance companies hate us! Because we fight for homeowners to get the highest possible payouts for their damaged property. 

With more than 2,000 closed claims and a 5-star reputation, you can count on Triumph Consulting.  

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