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Storm Damage Claims

Tampa Bay is being hammered by a powerful storm

For months now, we’ve been talking about how El Niño is fueling powerful storms that keep slamming into Florida.  

This new storm is part of a large system sweeping through Florida and most of the East Coast of the United States. 

In Tampa Bay, 60MPH gusts are already being felt, and reports state they can reach speeds of 75MPH or even higher.

Tornados are being reported, and extensive property damage is expected. We are even getting reports coming in of a home collapse.  

Stay safe and be alert 

Tampa Bay Storm Damage

What type of storm damage can we expect to see?

The Tampa Bay area is currently under a Tornado Watch, but there’s a more significant threat from the immense wind energy associated with the storm. Expectations are for powerful gusts and potentially tropical-strength winds to impact Tampa Bay and other parts of Florida.

Key risks for your property

  • Wind strength: Gusts reaching 60 mph have been seen, which already makes this system rival a tropical storm in strength.
  • Potential flooding: The storm’s intensity brings a real risk of coastal and localized flooding. If you are in a flood zone, be extra vigilant.
  • Property Damage: A wide range of damage is expected. Anything from tropical storm or even category 1 hurricane damage may be seen.

As with any powerful storm, expect to see roof damage, damaged windows and doors, and damage to external structures like pool enclosures and sheds. 

If your home is damaged in a storm – take this easy but highly effective action to collect a higher payout. 

When your home is damaged, your insurance company places the burden of proving how the damage was caused on your shoulders.  

Take images and videos of your home before a storm. Then, take a whole new set of images and videos after the storm. Most cell phones time-stamp images and videos; this material will serve as undeniable evidence when your claim is filed.  

Taking images and videos before a storm is not always top-of-mind for most people, but gathering media following the storm should be a must for anyone who sustained or believes they may have sustained damage from a storm. 

Do you need to speak with a public adjuster about your storm damage?  

Public adjusters know how to fight against insurance companies to help you collect a high payout for your storm damage. 

Triumph Consulting’s public adjusters create formidable arguments for your claim to be accepted and paid out.  

If you find yourself dealing with damage after a storm, don’t fight the insurance company on your own. Triumph Consulting has a team of public adjusters with extensive experience fighting for homeowners all over Florida. 

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